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Words from the Top

Introducing Squelchy: The Squelch Mascot!

The Squelch has long been in a need of an official mascot. Like most student organizations, we need a logo to put on all the obnoxious shirts we make everyone wear. Plus, distribution is a lot easier when people see … Read More

Future Battles

Now, for the first time on DVD, The History Channel is proud to present FUTURE BATTLES: A Military History of THE FUTURE. Get a glimpse of the greatest triumphs and cruelest defeats the world will ever know as FUTURE Read More

Websites: The Movie

With Facebook’s elegiac bio-pic The Social Network generating a huge buzz, other websites are jumping on the bandwagon and filming their own origin stores. Here are the trailers:

yelp.com presents Judgement Day: Pastrami on Rye

[Scene opens in an Read More