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Words from the Top

Climbing the Ranks

Dear Readers,

Boy, this production has been a wild ride. We’ve committed some heinous acts in the name of comedy. We forced one of our best friends to take his pants off in a cold basement so we could photoshop … Read More

Words from the Top

Some Ideas Are Not Very Good

Believe it or not, not everything submitted to the Squelch is a winner. If you haven’t noticed (because you’re not a writer or dedicated stalker), all of our submission information is on the bottom left corner of the opposite page. … Read More

The Kitten Manifesto

WE are the Arbiters of man’s destiny!  Furry adorable death machines nibbling at the catnip of eternity.

                                   Our teeth are sunk into their youtubes,
              that million fathom deep
pit of futile commotion.

Not since those Egyptian foolS have … Read More

Hip Directors

The Art of Cinema

These young auteurs are transforming cinema one film at a time. Even if each film is basically the same as the last. In these excerpts from their newest ventures, we see them condense their bold visions into the most perfect … Read More