Future Battles

Now, for the first time on DVD, The History Channel is proud to present FUTURE BATTLES: A Military History of THE FUTURE. Get a glimpse of the greatest triumphs and cruelest defeats the world will ever know as FUTURE BATTLES takes you inside the most pivotal military moments of the 21st century and beyond!  With gripping preenactments, commentary by today’s foremost strategists and gypsy seers, and behind-the-hypothetical-scenes footage, FUTURE BATTLES: Season 1 is guaranteed to prove that history really does repeat itself. It just keeps getting better guns.

Now available in HD. Welcome to the future of history.

Episode 1

3476: The Robot Civil War

Learn the true story behind the clash between man and metal-man that proved to the world over that all men are smelted equal. This heart-wrenching episode includes:

  • The world’s most influential historians, tacticians, and auto mechanics discussing the conflict that tore this country apart and fused the pieces together into one giant mecha-country.

  • Awesome battle sequences created with CGI animation and some metal stuff they made last season on Mythbusters.

  • Interviews with Reconstruction scholars on what it might be like to reconstruct scores and scores of robots.

  • Mournful violin music.

Episode 2

2307: Charge of the Laser Brigade

Known less for the attacking army’s use of the lasergun than for the defending army’s use of the mirrorshield. See the brilliant defensive maneuver that reflects both the future course of warfare and a volley of deadly lasers! Watch the action as laser-battle comes to a deadly stalemate when both sides continue to build larger and more reflective mirrors.

Episode 3

2458: 376th Crusade

Follow a band of loosely-affiliated religious fundamentalists as they battle their way across the Holy Land to recover the remaining Christian artifacts not yet obliterated by the sands of time and the first 375 Crusades.

Episode 4

2017: D-Day of the Dead

The decisive turning point in your roommates’ fight over whether or not zombies can survive underwater, but only the beginning of humanity’s fight against millions upon millions of amphibious zombies!  While an accurate death toll for either contingent is impossible due to high civilian mortality rates and the tendency of casualties to switch sides, we guarantee you’ll be getting a sneak peak at one of the deadliest confrontations in human history. You won’t see devastation like this again until next season, when FUTURE BATTLES presents 2117: The Hundred Years Later War.

Episode 5

219986: The Animal Insurrection

The animals have learned to talk—and they demand self-governance! Armed with an intellect born out of two hundred millennia of natural selection and slapdash nuclear waste disposal, billions of furry, adorable soldiers will lay down their lives for the sovereignty of the Animal Kingdom. Spoiler warning: this is one fight mankind might not win!

Episode 6

17776: The American War For Independence Day

After the amoeba-beasts of Arcturus 5 impose a mandatory blood-tax on spiceworm tea, it’s time for a heroic band of patriots to rise up and unite!  Armed only with courage, the dream of independence, and a massive arsenal of photon torpedoes, the Great-Grandsons of Liberty will inspire you with their daring stand against the unicellular oppressors. From the Revolution’s humble beginnings at the Boston Cytoplasm Party to Washington Clone 347’s famous order of “don’t fire until you can see the whites of their flagella,” this two-hour season finale will make you proud to be an American.