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Words from the Top

Some Ideas Are Not Very Good

Believe it or not, not everything submitted to the Squelch is a winner. If you haven’t noticed (because you’re not a writer or dedicated stalker), all of our submission information is on the bottom left corner of the opposite page. … Read More

Words from the Top

Introducing Squelchy: The Squelch Mascot!

The Squelch has long been in a need of an official mascot. Like most student organizations, we need a logo to put on all the obnoxious shirts we make everyone wear. Plus, distribution is a lot easier when people see … Read More

An Essay

written by someone who has had too many energy drinks

Max Ebert


History 124B

The history of the Cold War is rich in mystery and complexity. Who started the war? How close were the Russians and Americans to destroying each other? How did the war play out in the … Read More

The Carnie Life

Every now and then I find myself thinking, “Max, what if carnies were real people? Where would they go? What would they do?” As it turns out, this summer I had the distinct displeasure of working at the Santa Cruz … Read More