Man Wears Clearly Ironic Shirt Non-Ironically

     San Francisco resident Jake Moyle surprised fashion critics this week by believing the sentiment expressed on his ironic T-shirt. The shirt, purchased at a Goodwill on Mission and 19th Street, ironically displays a picture of former president George W. Bush underneath the hilariously outdated phrase, “Not My President.”
    “It’s a great shirt because it’s informative,” Moyle said in a press conference last week. “George W. Bush isn’t my president. Barack Obama is. People need to know that if they don’t already.”
    Fashion experts suggest that wearing ironic clothing non-ironically might be the next big move in street fashion. Some of San Francisco’s younger residents are already catching on, including 20-year-old Kate Rawson.
    “My new shirt finally lets me show the world how much I loved going to Math Camp in ’79. And it’s in my favorite color: brown-green.”
    When asked for comment, old women wearing ironic “God Bless America” sweaters looked confused.