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Class Act

Let’s face it; you’re not getting any. In fact, you haven’t gotten any, and by the look of things (you in a bathrobe eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch at three in the afternoon), you’re not going to get any. And by … Read More

Urban Myths

Myth: A penny placed on the tracks will derail a train.
Status: False. Trains can only be derailed when an interracial child is born. It’s God’s way of saying no.

Myth: On average, a person eats eight spiders a year.… Read More

Words From the Top


Dearest Readers,

I have some bad news for you. Are you sitting down? Good. OK. Brace yourself.

I’m graduating.

For those of you who didn’t just have a three-way heart attack, embolism, and third degree pants-crapping, you probably don’t know … Read More