Jobs For Double Majors

Good things come in pairs: hands, hot lesbian twins, winning lottery tickets, and double majors. You may be concerned that you’ve spread yourself too thin by studying two very different fields, but worry not! Your unique experience has prepared you for a variety of exciting and challenging positions!

Women’s Studies + Business = Housewife
Your knowledge of finance and empowerment will really come in handy when taking the kids to soccer practice!

Gay/Lesbian/TransGender Studies + City Planning = Mayor of San Francisco
Use your skills to lead the world’s most progressive city into a new era of tolerance…you faggot.

Business + Psychology = Really Sensitive Banker
Reject a client’s loan application, but only because you know he’s not ready for it emotionally.

Criminal Justice + Theater = Mime Hunter
If we leave them alone, they’ll just keep breeding.

Celtic Studies + American Indian Studies = Mega Alcoholic
Every day is St. Patrick’s Day when you’re living on a Reservation! Geronimo!

Nuclear Engineering + Political Science + Theater = Bond Villain
Graduation will be long and tedious, especially when they remove your left eye.

Aerospace Studies + Any Other Major = The Rocketeer
This is your only possible hope for employment.

Biology + Linguistics = Horse Whisperer
Your initial years of failure might be attributed to deaf horses!

Religious Studies + Peace and Conflict Studies = Pope Assassin
Hail Mary, FULL OF LEAD!