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The Gameplan

Okay, gentlemen. And ladies. And Stevina. Team huddle. We all know what our objective is and what we’ll need to do to meet it. Turn your attention to the diagram on the board, and put on your 3-D glasses. I … Read More

Class Held Outside

English GSI Kristine Broughton decided to hold class outside on the grass yesterday, betraying a complete lack of basic knowledge about meterology, human physiology, women’s studies, and plant biology.

‘It’s such a nice day out,’ Broughton reportedly said, ‘lets do … Read More

Mall Detective

The sun crept into my office like a 550 pound man with no legs. It crawled upward on my Gin bottle GAA Winner’s Cup, because I’m a real Winner–and slowly stopped on my eyes. Behind the eyelids two dozen maraca … Read More

EECS Soccer!

None of us intended to be in the EECS Intermural Soccer Championships. Our only plan was to play a little soccer, lose, then make ironic and funny comments about losing using Monty Python and Comedy Central quotes. Well, Johnny Eighth-floor … Read More