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Words from the Top

Writing for the Squelch is Stupid

People harbor a number of illusions in their sad little lives. “My parents probably know best.” “It’s fine that oil companies regulate their own output of environmental toxins. The EPA wouldn’t let them if it were bad for us.” “Overpopulation … Read More

Magazine Dries Up

A somber and humorless M. C. Holohan, editor-in-chief of The Heuristic Squelch, announced that UC Berkeley’s premier humor magazine had tapped out its resources of funny. “We haven’t had a funny submission in weeks,” the monotonic Holohan told reporters. “Our … Read More

Mock the Vote

Well, another year of avoiding Sproul Plaza and practicing the “don’t fuck with me I’ve got shit to do” stare of death has ended, and since psychologists have proven that reviewing while material is fresh in your mind is the … Read More

Eyes on the Fries

Protest and Berkeley are two of those things that intrinsically go together, like peanut butter and jelly, or Ernest Hemingway and. Sentence fragments. Great gains have been won for the causes of social justice in the trenches of civil disobedience … Read More