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Words from the Top

The Spirit of Comity

No. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances is that acceptable. No. No! If you said what you just said again, but the opposite, you’d be totally correct. Sometimes, I wonder about you. Yes. Huh? Nope. I was saying yes to that … Read More

Words from the Top

Best Boy

While the Squelch is known for it’s off-kilter slightly irregular comedy, I’d like to take this chance to inform Berkeley and the public at large of one fundamental fact: I am a great boyfriend.

Sometimes I’ll be walking around town … Read More

Words From the Top

Difficult Boiled

Unlike others who assume the position of Editor-In-Chief of the Heuristic Squelch just for the bragging rights, or for the throngs of cute fans, or even for the opportunity to undermine the revolution, I have a larger goal in mind: … Read More