Overused Name Becomes Worn Out

Despite repeatedly informing new aquaintences that “Frank is my name. Don’t wear it out” the name belonging to the UC student formerly known as Frank Galvan has deteriorated to a point where it can no longer be used. Undue wear on the name began to show only two weeks ago when despite repeated invocations of the name “Frank” by his roommate Charles Wong, the student simply continued playing Crazy Taxi 2. “It was very upsetting” said Charles. “He looked over and he was like ‘Why are you making that noise? Get gamefaqs.com up and help me navigate the crazy pyramid’.”

Also affected was the students girlfriend who found out only two days ago. “He looked in my eyes and said ‘Let me be frank with you…’ then he started crying and I knew that he could never be again.” Although his parents have not yet been succesfully contacted as of press time it is hopped that, having provided him with his first name, they can now provide him with a replacement.