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Daily Cal Changes Motto

The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley’s strangely eerie student-run newspaper, stunned the campus community earlier this week with an unexpected announcement. “We have long called the Daily Californian UC Berkeley’s student-run newspaper,” began the official spokesperson. “After much thought and deliberation, … Read More

The X-Files

A liberal dose of terror

SCENE 1: Telegraph ave. – day > “Berkeley, California / April 28, 1998 / 7:42 AM” appears at the bottom of the screen. Mulder and Scully are seen walking up Telegraph Avenue, toward campus, an eerie fog parting behind them. Read More

History of Valentine’s Day

The Heretofore Unrevealed (and Mighty Interesting)

Many believe that they are already privy to the origin of Valentine’s Day. Although the traditional story of Saint Valentine has its truthful elements, it is by no means the entire story.

The origin of Valentine’s Day is ancient: it … Read More