Fraternity/Sorority Operational Manual, Pg. 27

How to Talk to a Rushee

One of the most important activities any house can undertake during a semester is rushing. This is the time where the house brings new rubes chumps meat members into the fold. This allows the house to pilfer more money expand its ranks. Interacting with potential rushees in a convincing natural manner can be very difficult, however. Here are some helpful suggestions to get you started: Member: So, are you a freshman?
Rushee: Yes.

See how easy that is? Let’s try another…

M: Where do you live?
R: I live in _____.
M: Oh, really? I lived there too (note: it doesn’t matter if its true or not, just say it).

Or how about…

M: What’s your major?
R: _____.
M: Wow! That’s too tough for me (note: you can say this for all majors, except Drama). What classes are you taking?
R: ____, ____, and _____.
M: (nod and grin) Sounds like a good load. Want something to drink?

You can see that it’s really quite simple. Responding to rushees’ questions can also be intimidating. Here is a list of common questions and the proper responses.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Well, it depends. What does your dad do?

Q: Do you guys, you know, haze?

A: No. Nope. Not us. Not at all. Never have, never will. Here, eat this cookie. Oh, that’s just frosting.

Q: I’m kind of worried about my grades – will pledging hurt my studies?

A: What? Get out. Who let you in here?

Q: I don’t really drink. Will that be a problem?

A: What? Get out. Who let you in here?

Q: I’m gay. Does that bother anybody?

A: Heh. No. Of course not. Ahem. Ah, who let you in here?