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Words from the Top

Climbing the Ranks

Dear Readers,

Boy, this production has been a wild ride. We’ve committed some heinous acts in the name of comedy. We forced one of our best friends to take his pants off in a cold basement so we could photoshop … Read More

Top Ten Worst Bands

  1. Mumford & Sons
  2. Waka Flocka Firebombing of Dresden
  3. Gym Class Hiroshima
  4. The National Socialist
  5. Michael Bubonic Plague
  6. Child Soulja Boy
  7. Trail of Tears for Fears
  8. Outkastration
  9. Passion Pits
  10. Animal Abuse Collective
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Top Ten Best Times to Use Comic Sans

  1. When you’re not exotic enough for Papyrus
  2. Toddler obituary
  3. Quirky high school teacher’s Powerpoint presentation
  4. Your iCarly spect script
  5. When Windings just won’t cut it
  6. Funeral announcement for people you hate
  7. Ironic tattoos
  8. When your roommate’s paper is due in
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