DVD Commentary for the Worst Movie Ever Made

Screenwriter: You know, people sometimes ask why there were so many jokes about September 11th in the movie. And I always tell them the same thing: “Fine, you take them out. Then Jamie Kennedy would only have been able to do forty minutes of rapping stand-up comedy.”

OK watch this–this is integral.[Girl presses button]
Director: Took me 57 shots to get that one right.
Producer: 57 shots.

This was his second movie, and he actually had a good amount of dialogue in this one. So yeah, the Screen Actors Guild technically forced us to give Vincent Gallo’s Penis separate billing.

We were trying to figure out how to shoot the psychedelic trip scene, and I said to the D.P., “Why don’t we take the drugs off that table and put them into that camera!”
Director of Photography: [chuckling] We ruined a lot of equipment that day.

Yes, traditional monologues only have one speaker. But we found that it was kind of hard to hear only one person over the piercing battle cry of a hungry Tyrannosaurus. So we got seven people to give the speech.
Producer: Interesting note, the third guy is actually saying it backwards.

Since this was an adaptation, we wanted to stay as true as possible to the original source, which was The Scarlet Letter.
Producer: But that in turn was just Top Gun during the Civil War.
Screenwriter: Right.
Producer: So we saved a lot of time in the end by just reading Top Gun: The Book.
Screenwriter: That’s where I got the idea for the first, third, and fourth volleyball scenes.