Atom & Eve

Online Dating for the Modern Molecule

Atom & Eve is the first atomic dating site for atoms by atoms. While other atomic dating sites base their matches on superficial criteria like the number of your valence electrons, our sophisticated matching algorithm takes into account factors you really care about: enthalpy of formation, thermokinetic proton affinity, and cup size. So what are you waiting for? Get bonded with your soul mate today!


About Me: I grew up in nature, the child of a regal photosynthesizing sequoia and early summer sunshine. BOOORING. Now I tend Los Angeles’ hottest oxygen bar and live the Hollywood dream. I never have to wait in line–me and my girl Cocaine are VIPs at every respiratory tract in the Sunset Strip. I guess you can say I’m the life of the party. Really. If I leave everybody totally dies.
What I’m looking for: Monogamy is for atoms that aren’t sexy or have herpes. I wanna be in a wild passionate polycule. The thought of bonding with 2 Hydrogens at once gets me all wet 😉

About Me: People tell me I’m like prozac for mood disorders, but I’d say I’m more about stability. I’m also really into Nirvana.
What I’m looking for: NO GAMES!! It’s all sugary margaritas and spicy ionic bondage until I say “commitment.” I’m sick of these sleazy ions nutting then bolting–I am NOT a dumping ground for your surplus charges. Love is about give and take–you have to be willing to share feelings, dreams, and electrons. I just want a nice, covalent bond with someone who accepts me as the highly reactive, flammable alkali that I am. Is that so much to ask?

About Me: Umm I hate writing these things, how do you describe yourself in a paragraph?
What I’m Looking For: Someone to love and have fun with! Let’s try a new restaurant or see the latest Seth Rogen movie. Let’s sit and stare into each other’s eyes, talk for hours, and then cuddle all night. You know, normal stuff. ‘Cuz I’m not like…one of those creepy internet killers or anything. By the way, if you see me on any wanted signs or warning labels, that’s not me.