Pokemon: Morally Grey

For all you trainers who have conquered Pokémon: Emerald Green _and _Pokémon: Ruby Red, a brand new challenge has arrived: Pokémon: Morally Grey ! Journey to where no Pokémon trainer has ventured before: the world of underground dog fighting!

Fizzlypoof is a malnourished-Rottweiler-type Pokémon. You can tell Fizzlypoof’s attack power by counting the number of unbroken ribs visible through its emaciated frame! Charge up Fizzlypoof’s attacks by keeping him “housed” in the fenced-off front lawn of his inner-city “pokéball” without “pokéfood.”

Dweedle is a maladjusted-pit-bull-type Pokémon. Be sure to train your Dweedle from an early age to be enraged by large crowds, other dogs, cars, people with sticks in their hand, people without sticks in their hand, and sounds.

Raybee is a special foamy-mouthtype Pokémon, who, after too many impromptu battles with neighborhood children, will evolve into Sleepee, a Pokémon wielding a special syringe in his neck.

Charmikin is technically a wildly deformed pig, though it passes for a fugly-dog-type Pokémon. While lazy, stubborn, and severely limited in brain function, this Pokémon shines when down-on-their-luck trainers are forced to roast their most delicious Pokémon for sustenance.

Olliwag is a three-legtype Pokémon who is part German Shepherd, part wolf, and part cancer. What this tripedal trooper lacks in balance, lifeexpectancy, and number of legs, it makes up for with its spirit, tenacity, and wait… no…Olliwag is dead.