Dialectician CyberSex

EnglishIsExcellent: Good evening miss.

HotSexBabe396: hey there mister

EnglishIsExcellent: What is your age, sex, and location?

HotSexBabe396: 18 f sf

EnglishIsExcellent: Would you like to put that into a complete sentence? It would make it a lot sexier.

HotSexBabe396: not really

EnglishIsExcellent: All right, never mind. Describe to me your physical appearance.

HotSexBabe396: im skinny with big tits and i only got on a pair of really tight jeans

EnglishIsExcellent: edit: “I have on only a pair of really tight jeans.”

HotSexBabe396: huh?

EnglishIsExcellent: Your placement of the word “only” was incorrect. If you only have on something then you do nothing but have it. You do not eat, sleep, breathe, etc. If you have on only something, then you are wearing only that something.

HotSexBabe396: ….

HotSexBabe396: o…..k…i have on only a pair of jeans.

EnglishIsExcellent: By Jove, that’s hot!!! May I help you out of your trousers and knickers?

HotSexBabe396: wtf are trosers

EnglishIsExcellent: My hand is reaching down the front of your jeans as I am gently kissing you on the neck.

**HotSexBabe396: ** i breathe slow as you undo my pants and i grab a hold of your joystick

EnglishIsExcellent: Slowly, you breathe slowly.Slow is not an adverb.

HotSexBabe396: u always talk like this?

EnglishIsExcellent: It turns me on. Can you just repeat it correctly?

HotSexBabe396: im breathing slowly

EnglishIsExcellent: You’re making me so hard! Your pants are off and I’m touching you all over.

HotSexBabe396: im laying down on the bed now

HotSexBabe396: come here i want you

EnglishIsExcellent: What are you laying?

HotSexBabe396: im laying on the bed

EnglishIsExcellent: No, I mean lay is a transitive verb.You didn’t have an object.Did you mean that you are lying on the bed?

HotSexBabe396: OH MY FUCKING GOD! You are ruining everything!! im ignoring you

EnglishIsExcellent: Wait a minute. That’s the last time. I won’t do it anymore.

HotSexBabe396: fine

HotSexBabe396: im getting off the bed and putting my face in front of your crotch

EnglishIsExcellent: Yeah come on baby!

HotSexBabe396: i didnt tell you earlier but im a midget

HotSexBabe396: so i dont have to kneel down

EnglishIsExcellent: Yes yes!

**HotSexBabe396: ** like if i was a normal size person

EnglishIsExcellent: WHAT! Stop right now! Bad usage, punctuation, and capitalisation is one thing, but when you shit on the subjunctive mood you have gone too far. Go learn to conjugate some verbs, you plebian whore!

HotSexBabe396: so you dont want me to cyber-suck your cock?

EnglishIsExcellent signed off