Top Twenty Top Ten Lists Containing the Entry “Laser Penis”

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  2. Top Ten Ways to the Annoy Host at the Adult Video Awards
  3. Top Ten Best or Worst Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  4. Top Ten Words to Follow the Phrase “Go-Go Gadget”
  5. Top Ten Signs Your Dog is Really Optimus Prime
  6. Top Ten Reasons You’re Carrying a Lot of Batteries
  7. Top Ten Items to Help You Point Down and to the Left a Lot
  8. Top Ten Ways to Burn Your Hands During Masturbation
  9. Top Ten Causes for Cervical Cancer
  10. Top Ten Cures for Cervical Cancer
  11. Top Ten Secret Frat Party Passwords
  12. Top Ten Legitimate Reasons for Abstinence
  13. Top Ten Reasons It Sucks to be Jean Grey
  14. Top Ten Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Miss
  15. Top Ten Ways to Accessorize Your Laser Balls
  16. Top Ten Tragic Results of Humping Your Laser Printer
  17. Top Ten Worst Toothbrush Ideas
  18. Top Ten Things You Would Use for a Hook if You Lost Your Hand
  19. Top Ten Best Things to Put on a Snowman
  20. Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Laser-Proof Condom