After-drinking Games

Many people give up and call it a night when the party ends, but what if your pussy doesn’t hurt? What if you need at least another strong belt of scotch to calm the DTs? Well, the fun doesn’t end just because the party’s over.

More Drinking

Why let the drinking stop when it’s supposed to? Keep the torch lit as long as you can by playing this after-drinking favorite until you forget what loneliness was.

Mario Paint

This game utilizes the classic combination of the permanent marker and someone’s face, but with a twist: this time you draw Mario. Acceptable variations: Mario covered with penises, Mario covered with additional penises.

Reverse Twister

Reclaim your belongings by peeling the pile of bodies now sleeping contentedly upon them, one part at a time. Unlike conventional Twister, no spinner is required as each game and position is unique. “Left face out of that girl’s crotch.”


You: (masturbating) thukkathukkathukka… thukka……thukka…thuk (falls asleep)
(10 minutes later)
You: (waking up) Hnuuggh…hrmnah.. thukka…thukkathukka…..thukka (falls asleep)

Rock, Paper, Scissors

for the passed out girl. As a side note, she’s about to play Unconscious Strip Poker.

Supermarket Sweep

It was great of that guy Steve to host the party, but let’s face it, you don’t know him or his roommates and that cabinet by the door is filled with crystal shot glasses. Grab as many fabulous prizes as quickly as you can while avoiding various hazards like vomit, the pizza guy still waiting for his $24.60, and the prizes’ rightful owners. And remember: When the party gets busted and you hear the police, think of all the fun it would be to steal things and then run from the police!

Everybody Get the Fuck out of the Pool