Voting Deemed “Out” by <i>Cosmo</i>

Voter registration groups are reeling following a declaration in the September 2004 issue of Cosmopolitan that the act of voting is officially out of style.

“Not only have young women stopped registering to vote in our precinct,” stated Judith Miller, a volunteer in California’s Ninth District, “but they have actually requested that our officials un-register them, and take their names off the voter rolls. Cosmopolitan has single-handedly created a scenario that will produce the lowest voter turnout ever seen.”

Writers responsible for the “In and Out” column said that the inconsistencies in voting machine standards and the dreary cardboard voting booths led to the controversial announcement. Karen McNamara, a representative of the Cosmopolitan editorial board, justified the claim in a separate interview, stating, “If women are reading our magazines, then they probably shouldn’t be voting anyway.”

Replacing the act of voting in the “In Style” column are wide-flare jeans, which have seen a sudden resurgence in popularity.