Stupidity Mistaken for Wittiness

At a recent soiree, the moronic comments of Cal sophomore Tiffany Hilm were mistaken for clever witticisms. Her inane comments dealt with subjects ranging from politics to music.

Social psychologist Andy Dolden explained the phenomenon. “When you have a beautiful woman like Tiffany, statements like ‘There’s no way Turkey can be in Europe’ can be easily misconstrued as an astute observation on the current state of the European Union.” Dolden went on to explain that the so-called “magnificent rack effect” is widespread in many social circles.

When asked about Bush’s policies towards the economically downtrodden, Hilm responded by asking if “the poor got their refund check like [she] did.” The obtuse comment, mistaken for an incisive drollery, caused chuckles from the six males surrounding her. In turn, she responded with polite laughter that belied her inability to fully comprehend the situation.

Asked fellow party attendee Sandra Jenkins, “What do you mean witty? Tiffany is a fucking idiot.”