The Three Investigators and the Adventure of the Dead Pope

Jupiter, Pete, and Bob were walking down a busy city street.

“It sure is great to be here visiting scenic Rome,” said Pete breezily, as the three entered the heart of the Vatican. “And it’s great that your grand-uncle got us tickets to see the Pope.”

Bob’s grand-uncle was a famous Cardinal, which is a special helper for the Pope. The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, directly appointed by God to be in charge of everything.

As the three entered the Basilica, Pete noticed something was amiss. “The Pope is dead!” he said noisily. The Pope was lying on the floor in front of his Pope Throne, covered in his own blood.

“He’s not dead,” said Jupe wisely. “He’s been murdered.”

Just then, Cardinal Thompson came in. “Oh no!” he said nervously. “The Pope has been killed! And he was just about to sign an important treaty with the Protestants!”

“Do you have any idea who did it?” asked Jupe carefully. “Well, John Mormon, Michael Goldsteinlevi, and Redrum Hindoo were visiting earlier. I was just showing them the Vatican Gun Collection, then left them alone in different rooms.”

“Did all of them have reason to hate the Pope?” asked Jupe craftily.

“Yes,” said Cardinal Thompson. “Now boys, I don’t want you to get involved in this,” the Cardinal continued. “It’s far too dangerous for three young boys between the ages of 6 and 11 to get involved in.”

“Don’t worry…we won’t,” said Jupe with his eyes twinkling mysteriously and determinedly.

Outside, Bob and Peter cornered Jupe. The svelte solver had already tugged on his mystery hat and taken out his magnifying glass.

“The Pope murdered! This sounds like a mystery!” Pete and Bob said excitedly. “We have to find out who did it.”

“You know that bumbling Uncle Thompson won’t be able to solve this one without our help,” said Bob interjectingly. “If we don’t help, you just know that they won’t be able to sign that treaty at midnight tonight!”

They checked their mystery watches. It was half-past four p.m.

“I think it’s that Redrum fellow,” said Pete quasi-racistly. “You’ll note that if you spell his name backwards, it spells Murder! It’s very suspicious.”

“But I already have a clue,” said Jupe determinedly. “On the floor there was a copy of the Book of Mormon!”

“Then it’s John Mormon!” said Pete surmisingly.

“But the Book of Mormon had the initials MG on the cover…a sure sign that Michael Goldsteinlevi was trying to plant the book to FRAME John Mormon!” said Jupe solvingly.

The three young investigators rounded a corner, when suddenly they were set upon by three shadowy figures, who pressed rags to each of their faces.

“Chloroform!” said Bob drowsily, before falling asleep.