Gay People Amusing

Local man Ray Conners discovered that gay people are amusing after watching last night’s episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Conners, an open-minded heterosexual man, was allegedly charmed by the five main characters’ sassy dialogue and classy yet effeminate antics. “That’s so classic,” said Conners. “The gay guys are so trendy and hip and their ‘project’ men are all so socially retarded – just like real life. It just makes me want to have a gay friend of my own.”

Josephine Ward, spokeswoman for the show, said that this is exactly the widespread appeal the creators were aiming for. “We think this is a groundbreaking show,” stated Ward in a recent press release. “Not since the departure of Amos ‘n Andy has the public been exposed to such an honest attempt to profit from the exploitation of stereotypes.”

“Look out America,” an enthusiastic Ward warned in an October press release, “you’ve just been cast in the latest version of The Odd Couple. And who’s that at the door? Five gay men playing the role of Oscar.”

When asked to comment on why he enjoyed the show, Conners replied, “It’s fun to see normal men undergo such a fabulous metropolitan renaissance. It’s also funny to see the gays try to do things regular guys do like enjoy sports or blend in.”