Top Ten Things a Frat Boy Would Do With a Time Machine

  1. Wish for more wishes.
  2. Break up time machine into small parts; paddle each other with the remnants.
  3. Go back to that day that everybody got totally hammered and gotthe goat on the roof and then we played foosball until Chad got his dick caught in the goal, because that was awesome.
  4. Go back and pledge a better house than Sigma Nu.
  5. Give younger self own ID.
  6. Put the keg on it.
  7. Toga party , sodomy, with Socrates and Plato.
  8. Buy beer when it was a lot cheaper.
  9. Hotbox time machine, lose sense of time, smoke more weed, then go back in time and meet Jesus.
  10. Go back and have breakfast again, because it was really good.