Jews Denounce Hitlur

For this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jewish groups have announced that they will show their Jewish spirit by amending the traditional spelling of “Hitler” to include a “u,” as in “Hitlur.”

“That’s pretty much how most people pronounce it anyway,” said Jewish spokesman Leonard Goldman. “I’m not sure if the evil of Hitlur really came across before, but when we spell it wrong, you can totally see how stupid Hitlur and the Not-zis were.” Added Goldman, “Make sure you spell it N-O-T-zis. That’ll really make them feel dumb.”

The idea of spelling amendments has caught on in a big way, with some U.S. leaders calling for similar changes to the names of America’s national enemies, including North Kurea, Al Queduh, and Osama Bin Ladun. White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer stated that the President is particularly enamored with the just renamed “Saddum Hoosain.”

“If our missiles don’t get him, that name sure will,” said Fleischer.