Guitar Solo Fades Out

The guitar solo on the pop-reggae classic “No Woman No Cry (Live),” as it appears on the 1984 Polygram release “Legend: The Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers,” fades out as the track ends, sources reported Tuesday.

The solo, which follows the final chorus sung by Mr. Marley, begins three minutes and forty-four seconds into the track and continues as the four minute and four second track slowly fades out.

“Unlike guitar solos that are featured in the middle of other tracks on the album, this solo does not have a discernible conclusion,” James Riley, a compact disc and vinyl buyer at Rasputin Records, commented about the solo.

“What’s interesting is that urban legend often attributes the solo to Marley himself, but it’s in fact played by [Wailers guitarist] Al Anderson.”

Darren McFarlane, a 5th year Peace and Conflict Studies major, added, “You cannot hold the guitar solo within The Man’s arbitrary bounds of time, for Jah is in the guitar solo and cannot be held down. Jah is great.”