The Daily Californian

Corrections & Clarifications

Our article on Sarvonian Exchange Students incorrectly spelled exchange student Garvoni’s name as “Gabvoni.” Also, there is no such nation as Sarvonia.

Our Tuesday Editorial incorrectly stated “So let’s end this period of tolerance and start a round of pogroms that would shame Germany.” The nation should be Russia, not Germany.

Our Wednesday article incorrectly referred to the Daily Californian as “fiscally solvent.”

Our Friday Column incorrectly stated “Of course, Heterosexuals like myself don’t worry about this.” Mr. Deenihan is actually a flaming homosexual.

Our Tuesday article incorrectly referred to “Women like Carol Buran of the Women’s Studies Department.” Ms. Buran is actually a broad.

Our Tuesday column stated that “Sex is a very personal, private act that shouldn’t be vulgarized in a newspaper.” This is incorrect.

Our Wednesday article, “Run for your lives!” stated “They’re everywhere! They’re taking over our minds! They’re among us!” This is incorrect. Submit to the overmind.

Regarding the article on freeze tag, as of press time on Tuesday Don Camacho was “it.” However, by the next morning, Mr. Camacho was no longer “it.”

We apologize ever so much for the October 30, 2001 article “Silence, Wishes and the Torment of War.”

The Monday article “Poisoned Daily Cals to Kill Thousands” accidentally contained poison.

The Daily Californian regrets the errors.