The Big Game Page

Are you ready for the 105th Big Game? Are you prepared to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the GREATEST PLAY in the history of college football? Nay, the greatest MOMENT in the history of the WORLD? As you await the sweet, sweet taste of assured, inevitable victory, allow us to prime the pump of our bottomless well of Stanford hate. So get ready to dig in to some tasty barbecued pine tree, as we roast Stanford over the flames of iniquity. Sports!!

Interview with Stanford Coach BUDDY TEEVENS (Booo!!!)

What’s your favorite type of cookie?

I enjoy chocolate chip cookies; who wouldn’t?

I don’t. Do you like milk with your cookies?

I’m lactose intolerant.

I’m sorry. How’s that working out for you? What do you drink?

Soy. Soy milk.

Is that stuff any good?

It’s not bad.

I could never drink soy milk.

You get used to it, actually.

Are you excited about the upcoming NFL playoffs?

Sure am.

Who’s your team?

Definitely the Jets.

Well, thanks for your time, Buddy.

My pleasure.

What’s the difference between Cal students and Stanford students?

CAL students … go to classes.
STANFORD students … go to classes AT STANFORD!

CAL students … eat burritos.
STANFORD students … eat WRAPS!

CAL students … are likely to be Asian.
STANFORD students … are LESS LIKELY to be Asian!

CAL students… have sex.

CAL students … wear blue and gold (and sometimes red, if they are not at a sporting event).
STANFORD students … wear red … EXCLUSIVELY!!!

POLL: What do you think about The Play ?

Cal Students:
Pretty good: 100%
Not so good: 0%

Stanford Students
Pretty good: 0%
Not so good: 100%

Mascot Match-up

| Tree (Dumb!!) | Oski (Yay!) || Real Name: | Reginald Ian Cunningham, Lord Westchester
| Oski Daniel O’Reilly
| Wheels: | 7
| 18
| Displacement: | 302 cu in
| 440 cu in
| Stories: | 37
| 55
| Elevators: | 6
| 8
| Exits: | 2
| 4
| Shoe Size: | N/A
| 18 1/2
| Vector: | 75 degrees S/SW
| N/NW
| Jazz Legend: | Miles Davis
| Thelonious Monk