Top Ten Ways to Scare the Red Cross From Ever Asking You to Donate Blood Again.

  1. In little kid voice: “Once … this time … once upon this time … I…once ….this time…I fucked my dog.”
  2. “Puck, Why you steeeck your fingers in my pee-a-nut butter?”
  3. “Can I have the needle when you’re finished with it?”
  4. Punch the nurse in her belly
  5. “So, saran wrap and a rubber band can be considered ‘protection,’ right?”
  6. [Foam at the mouth]
  7. Just before she sticks you with the needle, grab her shoulder, look at her with your eyes as wide as possible and say “FOR STALIN AND MOTHER RUSSIA!!!”
  8. “I don’t have anal sex…I have BLOODY ROUGH ANAL SEX.”
  9. “Just watch out for the track marks, okay?”
  10. “I wanted to save you guys some time so I put it in this bucket.”