Top Ten Things to Say to a Dog You’re Abandoning When It Keeps Looking at You Like That

  1. Nothing. Let your new dog do all the talking.
  2. “So … um … I guess I’ll … see you around then. Yeah.”
  3. “The last five dogs took this way better than you’re taking it, you big baby.”
  4. “Dry those tears, and I’ll let you dry hump my leg one last time.”
  5. “Don’t be hard on yourself, you really had no chance to compete against that Shetland pony.”
  6. [While extending fist] “Stay strong dude.”
  7. “I left you some Purina in the bag, that should cover you for a few days.”
  8. “Hey, look, a fire hydrant!” [Run away when dog turns head]
  9. “Bad dog! No! Bad dog! Stay! I love you, but … but …”
  10. “Aw, boy, stop looking at me like that.”