February’s Squelly Girls

Proving once and for all the age-old axiom, “There are lots of hot girls and good drinks at Blake’s on Telegraph,” Squelly Girls Casey Le Jeune and Joanna Jen debut their newfound talents in the art of Mixology. Recently, the pair attended bartending school together, where they learned to turn away overzealous drinkers as well as unwanted suitors with the all-purpose phrase, “Let me shut you down.”


Casey’s not of mixed race, but she can certainly mix drinks. When not turning fruit juice into magic, Casey enjoys snowboarding, which is an activity for cool people, like catching the hottest local bands at Blake’s . Ever the responsible bartender and athlete, Casey insists on the importance of sobriety while snowboarding. Fortunately, Blake’s is located far from ski slopes.


Joanna counts Brussels sprouts among her dislikes, which is something you wouldn’t have to worry about while enjoying a fun and delicious order of fish & chips at Blake’s. Along with bartending, Joanna also enjoys belly dancing, travel and pants that hang just below a guy’s hip. She doesn’t really work at Blake’s, but she looks like she does. You should go to Blake’s.

Casey & Joanna!

Both girls enjoy giving Blow Jobs to customers. That is, they give Blow Jobs for money. They get large tips for Blow Jobs. No, no. I mean, people come to them to get Blow Jobs, to relax. What I’m saying is, they serve Blow Jobs. I mean the drink. The drink “Blow Job.” A drink. It’s just a name. Yes. Sheesh. I’m sorry. They also like making Purple Hooters.

See you next month (at Blake’s!)!