Bowflex Man Not Bowflexing

Flex Plan Bodybuilder Henry James, of Bowflex commercial fame, recently admitted to friends and family that his workout regiment, which maintains remarkably stiff quads, bulging pecs, and tantalizing abs, rarely includes 20 to 30 minutes on the Bowflex machine as implied in the commercial in which he appears.

In the advertisement, James provides an enthralling account of the Bowflex machine’s full range of motion, effortlessly moving bars and levers between exercises and utilizing these diverse setups for a complete body workout–thus making Bowflex the solution to home fitness with ZERO DOWN FINANCING!

“But if you don’t use the machine, why would you be a spokesman and speak so highly of it?” asked a friend. “Shouldn’t you be teaching people the real method of getting abody like yours?”

“Look. I’m an actor, and I play the role of someone who actually uses the Bowflex,” stated James. “Now, leave me alone.”