A Buddhist Monk Debunks Several Popular Myths

Myth #1: If you walk in the rain without an umbrella, you will catch cold.

Studies have actually shown that, while the low body temperatures usually experienced when caught in the rain can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system, there is no direct correlation between illness and being caught outdoors during a downpour. Additionally, “you” do not really exist.

Myth #2: Lightning never strikes the same place twice.

There are mesas in Northern Arizona where lightning storms are an almost daily occurrence. Scientists have even observed a single point on the landscape that was struck by lightning forty-three times in one day! Also, since all physical space is co-located, lightning is really striking the same place every single time it happens.

Myth #3: All of creation cannot be extrapolated from a single grain of sand.


Myth #4: Ginseng can improve your memory.

Pfffft. [rolls eyes]

Myth #5: Man is a rope tied between beast and overman.

What retard came up with this one?

Myth #6: Liquor before beer, all clear. Beer before liquor, never sicker.

Certain alcohols have a greater tendency to cause upset stomachs than others. Additionally, certain people are more susceptible to certain combinations of spirits. Studies have shown, however, that, when taken in moderation, various alcohols can be imbibed in any order, and produce no other effect than social lubricant and general merriment. Also, since linear time is just an illusion of the mind, all that booze is really being downed in the one, single, glorious instant that is creation. Easy there big fella.

Myth #7: If you touch a frog, you will get warts.

Sure. Fine. Whatever.