AirBART Bus Driver Application

We’re glad you’ve chosen to join the ranks of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) family. This is application is your first step in starting your career as an AirBART bus driver.

Short Answers

  1. When was the last time you rode AirBART?
  2. Do you like to go in circles? When was the last time you drove in circles?
  3. Many children have toys that go in circles. Are you a child?
  4. If you were child, would you like playing games that went in circles?
  5. Starting with Terminal 1, list all three AirBART stops in order.
  6. How big is your ass?
    Frictional Coefficient:

  7. To the best of your ability, define the word “Air” as it occurs in “AirBART.”


  1. People go to the Oakland Airport to ride a ground transportation system. ( T / F )
  2. The AirBART is on train tracks and a steering wheel is not required. ( T / F )
  3. You will only make three unique stops a day while working eight hours a day. ( T / F )
  4. AirBART is your best employment possibility. ( T / F )

Multiple Choice

  1. If someone enters the bus and attempts to pay the fare with cash, what should you do?
    1. take the cash and pocket it yourself
    2. redirect them to the machines where they can purchase AirBART tickets.
  2. After stopping at Terminal 1, where do you go next?
    1. Terminal 1
    2. Terminal 2
    3. Coliseum BART Station
  3. People boarding the bus at Terminal 1 will most likely get off at:
    1. Terminal 1
    2. Terminal 2
    3. Coliseum BART Station
  4. Only one airline flies in and out of Terminal 2. What is that airline?
    1. Southwest
    2. Quantas
    3. Greyhound

Essay Questions

  1. Why are you the best candidate to be an AirBART driver?
  2. Our drivers are continuously improving and honing their skills. After you complete the route once, in what way would you make your next trip more memorable?