de-cal Spring 2001

Schedule of classes

Sociology 98: How Many People Can I Get to Show Up For My de-Cal Class with an Enticing Course Description?
This class is offered for 7 units. Satisfies the American Cultures requirement. Free beer. Exotic dancers. And up to $20-200 per hour just for surfing the Internet. When placed in bowl of water, syllabus will dissolve into high-grade cocaine.

Mass Communications 98 98
A student-led class that prepares Mass Communications students for the challenge of enrolling in the De-Cal course, Mass Comm 98. Students will learn how to access, in the process being taught the basics of using opposable thumbs. They’ll also be introduced to course control numbers, and given a jump start on the reading list pretty picture guide for next semester.

Drama 98: Def Comedy Jam
Week 1: Ways in which black people and white people differ from one another with respect to dancing ability, penis size and behavior in cinemas. Course also includes an in-depth exploration of the comedic form: “We like this but they be all like this [humorous physical motion]”. Week 2 – 15: Extension of discussion from Week 1.
Music 198: Indie Rock For KALX listeners and other aspiring music snobs, this course offers a primer on the essentials of Independent Label Rock and the accompanying image. Week 1: So who’s this “Sebadoh” my sister told me about? Week 2: Gentle Swaying: How much is too much? Week 3: Fashion: Black pants? Grey pants? Gray pants? Chuck Purcells? All-Stars? Week 4: Avoiding eye contact; using dirt and grime to your advantage. Week 5: Critique: “Yeah, I used to listen to them, before they went all mainstream.” Pre-requisites: Slight curvature of spine, unwashed hair.

Pure and Utter Crap 98: The Daily Cal Columnist De-Cal Syllabus Week 1: Column #1 – How exciting it is to have a column. Week 2: Repetition is Bliss: Typing the word “cherish” 500 times. Week 3: Writer’s Block is Your Friend: The column about writing a column. Week 4: Oh Yeah?: Responding to reader criticism Week 5: My Bad: Apologizing for responses to reader criticism. Week 6: Guest Lecturer – Y. Peter Kang.

Human Biodynamics 198: I Won’t Stop ’til You Get Yours, Baby. Unit 1, Room 712 MWF 7:15-choose one, baby: 7:15- 7:30, 7:15-7:42, till the break of dawn, baby! Only one unit, but it gets the job done, baby!

Rhetoric 98: Stretching a Paper Week 1: 12.03 Point Font – They’ll Never Know Week 2: Double-Spacing After All Punctuation Week 3: Margins Are Your Friends Week 4: The Strange and Beautiful World of Character Spacing Week 5: Courier is a Big Font