Streetspace Kiosks Usher In Future

As the rest of the country lags behind with such antiquated forms of communications technology as semaphore and non-digital cellular phones, the city of Berkeley is now officially in the Future. This exciting leap forward comes thanks to the high-tech silver Street Linc kiosks that offer free, highly limited, nearly useless internet access from various businesses throughout the city.

Streetspace founder Tom Mathai said that he was inspired to create Streetspace due to the glaring lack of Futuristic advancements from other industries. “Not only has Detroit let us down on its promised flying cars, the toy industry has been slow to provide a viable hoverboard or a convincing holographic virtual reality experience,” Mathai stated at a press conference last fall. “Furthermore, the military has delivered neither a mutant-producing nuclear apocalypse nor a sentient supercomputer with genocidal ambitions. The least we can do is provide curvy, silver public computer units that don’t seem to do anything.”

Berkeley residents have been enthusiastic about entering the Future, pointing out the unique spelling of Street Linc, which utilizes the letter “c” instead of the more conventional and old-fashioned “k.” Others pointed out the high-tech cards they now carry in their wallets. “Check out this little exposed microchip thing,” gushed Streetspace member Andy Fry. “It’s like it’s bursting with so much technology, they can’t even keep it all inside the card.”

Asked to comment, a Street Linc kiosk stated, “Streetspace does not support a link to this site.”