ISIS Claims Responsibility for 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

The international terrorist organization the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

The earthquake, which killed over 3000 and essentially destroyed the city of San Francisco, was hailed as a great accomplishment on an ISIS affiliated Twitter account on Tuesday.

“This was just the beginning,” the post said. “We will not stop until we are responsible for every blow against the decadent crusaders in their own past,” while a following tweet claimed, “We will fight with the force of Allah to make sure that infidels of all time periods know to fear us.”

For over a hundred years it has been unclear who to blame for the earthquake, but the terrorist organization’s claim of responsibility finally sheds light on what happened and shows how few moral or logical boundaries ISIS knows.

“My great-grandmother was killed on that day,” Jessica West told Squelch reporters. “I always knew that it was not an accident and I demand that her murderers be held accountable.” Other Americans express fear that their ancestors could turn out to be victims of the Islamic State in other historical tragedies, like Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, and the mysterious death of actress Natalie Wood in 1981.