Dove Launches Body Positive Campaign Against Store Mannequins

In the most recent incarnation of the Dove Real Beauty Campaign, Dove Soap has launched a series of body-positive videos calling foul against clothing mannequins that set impossible beauty standards for women.  

Dove’s Chief Media Officer said in a recent statement: “The ridiculous image these role models are portraying is extremely damaging to women’s self-esteem.  Not every woman can live up to these idealized portrayals. Not all of us can be headless, handless, and have immaculate, shiny plastic skin.”

In the videos, average women are asked to draw pictures of what the ideal female body looks like and then make an extensive list below detailing every miniscule flaw they see in themselves. These lists were then displayed to all of their friends, families, and potential love interests next to mannequins taken from popular stores.  In most cases, the woman’s loved ones assured her that despite the presence of her head and arms, they still love her.  

However, in an upsetting reminder of the harmful effects of these mannequins on daily life, a man identified only as Judith’s husband immediately ended his marriage upon seeing the displayed mannequins.  When asked for comment, he stated: “I know that Judith is an individual human being with memories, hopes, dreams, and a great sense of humor, but I’m sorry, would you just look at that perfectly crafted frame?”  The video ends with a shot of Judith’s husband packing the mannequin in the back of his car while Judith is being given a consolatory bar of DoveTM soap.