Harvard Researchers Invent Urinal You Can Poop In

An interdisciplinary team of Harvard scientists is celebrating today after successfully building the first urinal you can poop in. The research team brought together top faculty from Harvard’s Mechanical Engineering, Cognitive Science, and Anthropology departments to solve what is widely understood as one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century.

The urinal consists of a white porcelain base filled with water, which the user sits upon while defecating. After the bowel movement is complete, the user presses an ingenious, built-in lever to evacuate the bowl. The rear of the urinal resembles a seat backing, and consists of an innovative apparatus for storing water between evacuations. It can be easily mounted to the floor just like a regular urinal, except you can poop in it. According to the team, the current model cannot handle urine—only poop—but the team hopes to address this issue in subsequent models.