Modern Family Spin-offs

Sure the tender, off-beat comedy Modern Family has been successful, but FOX’s all-new Fall line-up takes “modern” to its rightful blasé extreme. Never before has one night of television so encapsulated the modern spirit and showed America what’s really real. Get modern or get out of the way.

Modern Survivor
In this fast-paced modern world, those who think survival is just about sustenance are already dead. Digital interaction is nourishment, and any time spent away from it is risking starvation. Watch as four nervous looking tween girls are forced to look at their vibrating cell phones from across the room. Could this be the missed call that ends a social life? Last one to pick up is the modern survivor.

CSI: Modern City
Enjoy the gritty realism of CSI: Miami? Try the mundane pessimism of CSI: Modern City! Watch as case after case piles up on an overworked group of crime scene investigators. Can they catch the murderer before another innocent life is taken? Nope. They’ll spend years chasing dead ends, combating bureaucracy, and facing the limitations of the outdated technology they can barely afford. Their criminology degrees from DeVry never prepared them for this!

Modern Hospital
Do you even know what a visit to the hospital is like anymore? Basic treatment to stop your pain? As if! This isn’t about you any more. Your doctors have carnal urges that must be televised. Probe the sexual lives of your doctors in Modern Hospital.

Postmodern Family
Yeah right. Like a “family” could even exist in this day and age? This show has three married lesbians (Swedish wedding) and they have an adopted baby, but they don’t even know where it is anymore. They don’t care. There’s no house where “everybody” “lives.” People just walk around kind of knowing each other. Yeah.