What I think I learned from my big bro

The Brothers of Sigma Epsilon are dedicated to community service, developing leadership, and working off their hazing citation fines. That’s why we teamed up with the Big Brothers Foundation to teach Berkeley’s underprivileged children a few life lessons. To prove the experience was valuable and certifiable under disciplinary council bylaws, the brothers had their “little bros” write down what they learned from the experience.

Cooties are real! Chad had to get a special shot after having too many girlfriends.
-Fred, 6

A bull is a boy cow, a doe is a girl deer, and a bitch is a girl who won’t sleep with you.
-John, 8

You might think doing coke makes you look cool, but it doesn’t. It makes you look cool and rich.
-Harmony, 7

I love my daddy! No homo.
-Kyle, 7

Timmy mixed bike-a-din and socky bombs and he had to take a cooooold shower.
-Sarah, 9

Blake ate a cat! It was good but it had too many hairs.
-David, 6

I learned that my daddy plays beer pong all wrong. You’re supposed to pour one beer into lots of cups and throw balls at it. Not lots of beers into one cup and then get sad.
-Hayden, 5

Girls are dumb.
-Samantha, 8

Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, I also threw up.
-Aaron, 9

I wanna go to college like my bro so I never have to grow up either!
-Lukas, 8