Scenes from an Improv Drama Troupe

Improviser 1:  All right, for this scene, we’re going to need a trope.  Tropes, anyone?

Audience Member 1: A wedding cancelled due to a miscarriage!

Audience Member 2: A man, trapped, sees no other course but to end his life!!

Audience Member 3 : A man beats his wife because his father taught him that love was desperate and hateful!

I**** mproviser 1:  Miscarriage, I heard miscarriage.


Improviser 2: Okay, now we’re going to play “Bartender”. First up is Randall. Randall is despondent about something, what is he despondent about?

Audience Member 1: Crippling ennui !

Audience Member 2: A friendship irrevocably slipping away!

Improviser 2: Ennui it is!

Randall: (Drinks silently, sighs.)

Audience: (Empathizes wildly.)


Improviser 3: Okay, we’ve got our scene: a café with Immanuel Kant and King Edward VII. Now, can we have an inner conflict?

Audience Members 1 and 2: Oedipal complex!

(Everyone laughs cathartically)


Improviser 4: Damn it, Susan, I put my whole life into that painting! How could you take that away from me?

Improviser 5: Uh… I, um… shit.

Audience Member 1: Starved for affection!

Improviser 5: Right. Steve, it was consuming everything! You paid more attention to that painting than your own wife! [Whispers to Audience Member 1] Thank you…