Cartoonist to Draw Strip About Dog

In an earth-shatteringly original move, aspiring cartoonist Jeff Kline announced today that he intends to create a new comic strip focusing on the adventures of a lovable dog named Spotsworth. “I think “Spotsworth” will be a real breakthrough,” said Kline. “Like no dog, real or cartoon, in history, Spot rips through genre boundaries both by minorly inconveniencing his owners AND making wry comments while doing so.”

Kline then paused to blow your mind.

“My god, what an incredible concept,” said the entire art community in a press release earlier today. “We’re honestly not sure if the morning newspaper is ready for an avant-garde, post-neo-cubist gender-fuck like this.”

As evidence of the new comic’s towering creativity, scholars of art history cited such elements as neighbors’ pets with quirky personality traits and a love interest named, daringly, Fifi.

Newspaper comics readers could not be reached for comment, as many were engaged in naptime or waiting for calls from their children.