Lieberman Announces Gray Horse Candidacy

Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut recently told reporters he sees himself as a gray horse candidate in the upcoming 2008 election. “I mean, I wouldn’t be shocked if I won,” Lieberman said. “I guess I wouldn’t bet on it though.”

The Connecticut Senator, whose prospects for winning the presidential election are moderate to average, began the campaign on a decidedly lackluster note, urging supporters to “find the balance between energy and lethargy.”

“This election,” the Senator noted to the nearly-captivated audience, “could potentially, maybe kind-of reverse the polarization of our political leaders. It might be about ending our engagement in Iraq, or even Afghanistan, or … something.”

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was unaware of the gray-horse candidacy until receiving a call from Lieberman himself, reportedly responding with, “Yeah, and?” No other officials from the Democratic or Republican parties were available to comment as they were “busy with election stuff.”

“I’m not all that worried,” the Senator said upon arriving for a meet-and-greet at a Connecticut Denny’s. “Theoretically, I may very well win. Or lose. I haven’t decided.” Lieberman then gave half-hearted handshakes to people trying to enjoy their pancakes.