Scientists Yet Again Start Work on Project Other than Rocket Car

Research and Development teams at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have reportedly begun work on a new project. When asked at a press conference how this project would affect the development of the rocket car, developers replied that the current project is “totally unrelated to the rocket car” and “much more important” and “actually practical.”

“Who the hell do they think they are?” asked Dr. Carla Zhang. “I’ve been waiting 13 years for the rocket car, it’s not going to invent itself!” When asked why the prospect of the rocket car was so significant to her, Zhang replied, “Cuz it’s like a regular car…but it would go real fast and stuff.”

Other skeptics have voiced that the scientists’ new project is “selfish” and “couldn’t be nearly as awesome.” The research team have consistently refused to answer subsequent questions about their project, including “How fast does it go?” and “How many rockets are on it?” and “Wait wait wait… to clarify one more time, it’s NOT a rocket car?”

While the scientists continue to dodge the press’ questions, they hold firm to their original statement that lightsaberchainsaw-blender is a worthwhile endeavor.