Father and Son Game of Hide-and-Seek Concluded After 30 Years

Edward Bixby, 46, recently concluded a drawn-out game of Hide and Seek with his 68-year-old father James Bixby. Edward found his father in the line of the Sheridan County Welfare Office in Sheridan, Kansas.

“I was doing the rounds in the neighborhood, and I had just walked in to put some more Chocodiles in the vending machine when I spotted him,” a jubilant Edward explained.

“As soon as I saw him, I ran right up and screamed, ‘FOUND YOU!’ at the top of my lungs,” Edward said.

“Yeah, some kind of God-damned miracle,” his father James muttered into his plastic flask of Old Crow whiskey. 30 years prior, James instructed Edward to go hide in their Mobile, Alabama trailer home. His ecstatic son said, “I’m even happier than the time he came back after he went out to get cigarettes for two years.” Edward said that he was looking forward to sitting down with his father and discussing 30 years worth of advances in vending machine technology.

Edward’s father was quoted as saying, “Best 2 out of 3?”