In-Class Drinking Games

Political Science

Take a Shot every time the one Libertarian tries to change the discussion to how pot should be legal.
Take a Shot of Vodka each time a student uses the term “capitalist” like it means “AIDS”
Person to Your Right Drinks when you’re the first to spot the forty year old woman who arrives 20 minutes late.
Take Three Shots when someone asks “and what of the tragic death of Freddie Mercury due to capitalism?”

Computer Science

010 IF “girl”=“in class” THEN GOTO 020 ELSE GOTO 030
020 EXECUTE “two sips”
030 CONTINUE “masturbating alone in shower”

Any DeCal about Comic Books

Drink a Snifter of Brandy every time someone says the word “mythos.”
Drink a Sake Bomb once the discussion gets to the inevitable part in the comic’s history where the hero begins beating up Japs.
Shotgun a Beer for every impromptu game of “Who would win in a fight?”


Chug a Rolling Rock every time the professor makes some joke about stratography or igneousness or whatever the fuck that shit is.
Take a Shot every time you realize you’re in a three-hour lecture about rocks.
Take a Shot at some other major for Christ’s sake.

Ethnic Studies

Take a Shot when your professor performs a retina-detachingly dramatic eye-roll after saying “George W. Bush.”
Take Two Shots when the professor asks a question that is obviously meant to be answered with “It’s white people’s fault.”
Chug an Imported Beer when the mention of an ethnicity-specific food causes everyone of that ethnicity to loudly express their like of that food.


Take 1 shot every time your professor starts a sentence with “check this out.”
Take 2 shots when your professor ends that sentence with a hand gesture in place of an actual word.
Take 3 shots every time the professor refers to the dog with a bandana around its neck as “your GSI.”