New Dinosaur Species Discovered

Paleontologists and researchers recently uncovered hints of a new species of dinosaur. While no concrete evidence of its existence has been found, scientists postulate that the “Clitaurus” evolved millions of years ago, and might still exist on the earth today in some unknown form.

A reconstruction performed of ancient postulated “Clitaurus” features leave scientists and researchers bewildered and confused. Paleontologist Jeff Sevino, one of the leading researchers of Clitaurus behavior said, “we’ve made big strides in piecing the Clitaurus puzzle together, but as for it’s function, or whether it actually exists on earth today, well, we just haven’t been able to put our finger on it.”

Judy Murphy, Mr. Servino’s research partner has a different perspective, and is more outspoken in her beliefs that the “Clitaurus” still exists on earth today. “It’s really not that hard to find if you just know what you’re doing,” she said. When asked if she was implying that her PhD educated research partner Jeff Servino did not know what he was doing, she replied, “Well he’s not the best partner I’ve ever had, but at least he tries.” Overhearing this interview, Mr. Servino stormed into the room and asked, “Well shit, how many research partners have you had?”