Mel Gibson BBQ’s Thousands of Hebrew Nationals

On Saturday, in an attempt to establish positive ties with the Jewish community, Mel Gibson held a barbeque at his Malibu home.

Leaders of the Jewish Community and Anti-Discrimination groups attended the event in good spirits. “It’s always a good day to fry up some Hebrews,” said Gibson.

Despite recent anti-Semitic remarks from Gibson the guests were cheery and optimistic. “I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion,” said Shlomo Goldstein of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

After a slightly embarrassing event in which no one could turn off the gas from Gibson’s grill, he delivered a few words of forgiveness to the crowd for his recent media actions. “I really empathize with your people. You have gone through a lot and I can readily say I’m glad I’m not a Jew. If there is one thing that Christ has taught me when dealing with Jews, it’s forgive and forget. I hope that mentality can be applied to my remarks.”

The event seemed to be a great success and both parties left feeling like they had taken a step in the right direction. “I like Mel,” said Goldstein. “He really was a mensch today. Apology accepted. We still hate his dad though. Total schmuck.”